BurningAngel: Annika Amour Gothic Cheerleader

While there is no way to take this Gothic Cheerleader update on BurningAngel seriously, there is no need to take it seriously because they don’t. Annika Amour looks sexy as always and I think it is really really really cute that they made her a BurningAngel cheerleader outfit. The “gothic” makeup is over-the-top, but it looks nice on Annika, so long as you think of it as a costume. I like the colorful pigtails! I wish they credited the costume designer. Personally, I want to transfer to a school with BurningAngel cheerleaders like Annika Amour!

BurningAngel Annika Amour Gothic Cheerleader
Burning Angel writes:

Gothic Cheerleader
Date Added: 12.03.12 Pics: 74 Views: 1690 Rating: 10
Punk Porn
Give me a B! Give me an A! Give me a…oh fuck that. Annika is not your typical cheerleader and she doesn’t want to belt out lame cheers! She piles on her black eyeliner, gets naked in the locker room, and wears combat boots instead of sneakers. Don’t you wanna be on Annika‘s cheerleading squad?

Starring: Annika Amour
Photographer: Kelly Lind
Categories: Hardcore

BurningAngel Annika Amour Gothic Cheerleader

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