Nearly Naked Drive through Coffee with PrincessEevie

I haven’t really checked out PrincessEevie much before today, but she seems fun and sexy. It seems to be some sort of take your cam to work day or something. PrincessEevie is in some kind of drive through coffee shop kitchen where she makes espresso and serves drive up customers in her cute almost panties and pasties. It’s really fun and sexy. Later today she says she’s going to bring the cam into her bubble bath and maybe pop some champagne, even though she’s apparently terrified of shooting the cork. I really like her Elephant tattoo on her leg. Nice work. PrincessEevie is really nice and friendly to her drive through customers too. Sexy and multitasking skills, add her to your friends list!

Nearly Naked Drive through Coffee with PrincessEevie
Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Name: PrincessEevie
CamScore: 2695
Gender: Female
Weight: 105 pounds
Height: 66 inches
Age: 20
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


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