PixelVixens: SethiWolf Does SailorMoon

After a long hard day of fighting villains, teen fantasy SailorMoon needs to unwind and strip off that iconic outfit and fall back into her bed. SethiWolf gives us a little behind the scenes fantasy on Pixel Vixens and everyone loves this leggy blonde in her mini skirt but we’d love to see under it too. SethiWolf‘s body looks amazing, she looks like a classic carving of Venus. Her breasts are perky, well shaped and soft. Pixel Vixens are coming along fabulously and delivering that cosply fantasy goodness. They’re always looking forward to new forums members to play with.

PixelVixens SethiWolf Does SailorMoon
Pixel Vixens writes:

Don’t be fooled by the gender saying male, I’m still physically female (for now) and know that I have a very attractive body. 😛 I make a living making and selling costumes, along with writing, make-up, wigs, hair and props.- SethiWolf

PixelVixens SethiWolf Does SailorMoon

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