BarelyEvil: Bald Devilgirl Luci Returns with her Rats

Oh yay, Luci returns and she brought 2 rats very similar to my own first 2! I love the setting of this set, it really suits gothic bald beauty Luci and this time, my wish was granted and we get to see a lot more of Luci. Luci is wearing matching lipstick and horns, cute detail but that might be a girl thing.Oh Luci, you’ve got pretty pink, I love your ink and I love that you smile in your sets – its nice to know that you love getting naked for us. I love Luci!

Blue Blood writes:

Here is a shoot Forrest Black and I did with the magnificently devilish Luci and her rat familiars. Her rats are so ridiculously cute. I mean, I like pets anyway, but hers are truly adorable, very curious about the photographic equipment flashing lights at them and very affectionate with Luci.
–Amelia G

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