CrazyBabe: Luxi Jane's box of tricks

You definitely have to be comfortable exploring the limits of your sexuality if you are a CrazyBabe model. Bob Coulter puts his models in crazy environments to create his unique erotic shoots. He keeps us coming back for more because you never want to leave his crazy world filled with Crazy hot babes.

Luxi packed a box of tricks for her CrazyBabe adventure. Are you hot for sassy red heads that fight with you before giving you a good hate fuck? Luxi has you covered with her red wig, bullet belt, and black boots.

But Luxi Jane completely changes her look when the sun rises. She transforms into a beautiful blonde in sexy leopard print pantyhose. I love the way the nylon clings to her shapely legs. You’ll be dreaming of stroking them!

Luxi even pulls off an innocent look as she gazes out the window. This chameleon alt model will make you forget the crazy red head from the night before so you can seduce her all over again.

Check out the free sample gallery from this CrazyBabe Luxi Jane series.

CrazyBabe writes:

CrazyBabe; Luxi Jane
Shot in New York
495 pics of Luxi in this feature
These pics are only on Crazybabe

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