Athena Hollow: Hot Self Shot Toy Sex

Sexy APN member Athena Hollow just added a really sexy self shot video clip from her MissAthenaHollow solo site to our videos section and I’m really enjoying it a lot. I don’t see the Dark Fae cosplay outfit so much as her just being a super sexy young Goth girl enjoying masturbating in her hot torn stockings, but that’s ok with me. Athena really looks like she’s be great in bed. I love all that squirming around and lusty pelvic gyration. It makes makes the difference between a self indulgent masturbation scene and a really hot performance.

Athena Hollow writes:

As many of you know, I *really* enjoy cosplaying, from the simple to the intricate. Sometimes, I enjoy it so much that I get off a LOT while wearing them and masturbating… this was one of those instances.

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