EroticFandom: Armor Fantasy Babe Yolanda

Blue Blood just posted another hot fantasy babe update on their Erotic Fandom site. This one features elegant and leggy pin-up Yolanda ready for sexy battle in her slinky chainmail skirt and hot chrome metal bra fashioned into creepy skulls. Yolanda‘s long lean body is a pleasure to look at and she looks so hot with her cute little patch of well groomed pubic hair highlighting her sexy bare pussy showing through the metal skirt. I like this series because it does a good job of nailing the Gothic erotic fantasy video game ideal without being self conscious and cliche. They do it, and they do it right, with style and heat.

Blue Blood writes:

This series Forrest Black and I shot of Yolanda is sort of a companion piece to the most recent Erotic Fandom update. The skull armor Yolanda is wearing here, as well as the chainmail skirt, is also from Retail Slut. Her hair is courtesy of the fine folks at Diva Luxe. I’m happy I feel like we managed to capture Yolanda‘s sleek elegance well.

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