GodsGirls: Blossom Bloomin Marvelous

I never really noticed Blossom on GodsGirls before, but this new set of her has great style. She writes in her blog about having done quite the makeover on herself and I have to compliment what she did. Here hair is super blonde with magenta pinky streaks and a punky razor cut. Her face has sort of pointed pixie features which I always love. Plus she has developed a very sexy glare. I could wish for better lighting in this update, so I could see more of beautiful Blossom, but the setting has nice colors and Blossom looks very relaxed and sensual there.

GodsGirls Blossom writes:

Hey Ladies and Gents!
Finally the wonderful pepl at GG have received my most recent photo set! So glad it didn’t get lost or stolen ^_~
I’ve changed my style a lot since the last sets I sent in when I first became a GG, so I’m quite different from what you might remember! Check it out….What is this?! ……Blonde?! *gasp*
…..I haven’t been blonde since I was 15!
Not long now!

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