Blue Blood: Steampunk Lady Clankington

Someone had to do it, and who would really be better at making hot steampunk pr0n ehr… erotica than Blue Blood, shooting for their new Erotic Fandom site. They recently got together with Lady Clankington to shoot a really hot series featuring custom made vibrating Little Death Rayguns and beautifully crafted steampunk themed corsetry, with all the brass fittings and intricate clockwork aesthetics you’d expect. Even the location fits the theme, with weird old weaponry on the shelves and walls and a candle covered organ in the background. It’s all very H.G. Wells time machine. She’s even got her brass fitted goggles on her cute explorer/adventurer helmet and some sort of glowing box gadget. This is a really hot set and Nicotine, err Lady Clankington, looks delicious laid out over the organ with or without her expert cosplay accessories.

Blue Blood writes:

Blue Blood is very pleased to bring you all this special Erotic Fandom shoot by yours truly and Forrest Black. It stars Nicotine, wearing couture from our long-time friends at Brute Force Studios, and showing off one of the new line of steampunk rayguns from Lady Clankington. Special thanks to The Death Knight for the kickass steampunk location. Watch for an interview with the lovely Nicotine coming up. Forrest Black also shot some video of Nicotine and the raygun’s creator demonstrating proper product placement. Check out the photos and you’ll be able to tell where we took a break from shooting them and did the video part and then came back to the photography portion of the show. I think this is a really fabulous shoot and I’m really happy to get to share it with you all.
–Amelia G

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