Payback Baby: Blood and Needles Birthday Suit… er Set

I really enjoy how Mette Th13teen keeps putting creative thought into fun things to do with Payback Baby. They have recently added an option for their participating models to have their own sets post on their Birthday, to make that day even a little bit more special. I also enjoy Payback Baby for being one of the few sites that post sexy alternative guys along with their cute girls. Shooting hot alt-guys attractively is still pretty rare and Mette Th13teen does a nice job with this intimate set. Although Blood And Needles has several sets up now on Payback Baby, this series of him getting himself ready for a big day is their first Birthday set and it seems like a fun idea. We’re looking forward to seeing more along these lines.

Payback Baby: Blood and Needles Birthday Suit... er Set
Payback Baby writes:

Blood And Needles in “Birthday” is our very 1st birthday set – we offer our models the opportunity to have a set up on the site on their B-day to celebrate and Blood And Needles took us up on that offer 🙂

Kicking off our ‘celebrate your birthday’ sets, we have our hunky piercer/model, Blood And Needles. He’s getting ready to go out to celebrate his birthday but surely has a little time to throw some selfmolesting gestures our way 😉 So all you ladies and gentlemen out there, come do some celebrating with Mr. Blood And Needles.

Blood And Needles says: Being naked always brings out a dirty side of me, so changing clothes and getting ready for something, sometimes takes a little bit longer than it should. Weird, but I don’t mind showing off to you guys though. PB! has this nice feature, where the models get a chance to celebrate their birthday. I am proud to be the first to actully do this!

Payback Baby: Blood and Needles Birthday Suit... er Set

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