BurningAngel: Asphyxia Blue Eye Shadow

Asphyxia‘s profile on BurningAngel says she wants fans to buy her more ink, but I love the ink she has. It is so well-considered with perfect symmetry and complements her pale beauty. She says in her blog that she loves her makeup in this set and the set is called Blue Eye Shadow and I have to agree. I love how they got such a deep even color. There are a bunch of new makeup lines this year where the color is intense like that and it looks like Asphyxia might have gone as crazy buying intense color makeup at Sephora as I did this summer. Plus these Destro Damus pics of her are super hot and the background is cool with the moody poetry painting behind her. I even love her name because it sounds like a girl’s name, but means lack of air to the bloodstream likely to result in unconsciousness or death. Goth!

Asphyxia Burning Angel

Burning Angel writes:

When Asphyxia was over my house, I nicknamed her “ass” for short…because…well…she has a very nice ass, and her name started with “as”, so it only made sense. But then I was terribly conflicted because her boobs are freakin’ amazing and I didn’t want them to feel like I was ignoring them. Oh well. Yeah. To make a long story short – take a look at her ass and tits – and like…everything else on her – because it’s all perfect.

girl: Asphyxia
photographer: Destro Damus

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