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420Girls: Brooke Banner Interview

Rob Griffin from 420Girls know how to make something look like a good time. Brooke Banner usually just seems like a regular pornstar, but, in this 420Girls set, Rob Griffin captures so much personality. Brooke Banner looks totally fuckable and human on 420Girls. Not at all like the airbrushed porno girl she comes across like elsewhere. Even her tattoos look like she has more of them. I wonder if other sites she appears on airbrush her tattoos out normally. Whatever the case, 420Girls makes it look fun. I wish they updated more often, but I guess stoned people sometimes take a while to get around to things.

420Girls: Brooke Banner Interview

420Girls writes:

Please welcome 420 Girl of the Month, Brooke Banner who says, “I have never heard of anyone going crazy on Weed or killing people, I think it is a great stress reliever and if you live in L.A. and drive the 405 or 101 you will need it, Hehe”.

Brooke says, “Smoke responsibly because it is still not legal, even though it should be.”

Watch Brooke toke bong rips of White Widow, pipe hits of OG Kush, smelling Nuggets and showing off some killer headie glass pieces in the coolest head shop in Southern California. Happy, High and Fully Nude. (350 Photos)

Brooke Banner

Age: 24, Height: 5′ 8″, Weight: 130, Bust: 34D, Waist: 27, Hips: 35,
Hair: Blond, Eyes: Green/Blue, Birthplace: California, Residence:
California, Occupation: Model/Actress

Why do you smoke Marijuana?
I love it!!!!!

How often do you smoke?

Why do you think Marijuana should be legal?
I have never heard of anyone going crazy on it or killing people, I
think it is a great stress reliever and if you live in La and drive
the 405 or 101 you get me. Hehe

What do you like to do when you get high?
My normal day to day activities.

When did you lose your 420 virginity and what was it like?
Years ago, I guess great b/c I am still doing it.

What is your wildest 420 fantasy?
To live in a planet free of penalty for possessing a plant.

Do you smoke Marijuana for any medicinal purpose?
Yes, for stress, headaches and cramps.

Do you own anything made from Hemp?

What’s your favorite munchie when you’re high?
Anything, I am such a fat ass when it comes to eating high….

What’s the best bud you’ve ever had?
Purple from Humboldt County.

What is your favorite thing about Marijuana?
I can function on it.

What is your favorite method of smoking?
Out of a pipe.

What is your favorite stoner movie?
How High.

Who is your favorite 420 Band?

What was the funniest thing that happened to you while you were high?
Who knows, every day is always a funny day. Hehe

If you could state our case to the President, what would you say?
Legalize it, maybe more people would calm down and be less stressed.

Is there anything you would like to say to our viewers?
Smoke responsibly because it is still not legal, even though it should be.

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420 Girls
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420Girls: Brooke Banner Interview

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