Blue Blood: Sexy Punk Fedora

Our friend Fedora just shot some sultry hot new stuff for Blue Blood and the set that just posted is really sexy. I love the candid punk feel captured and public nudity can be so much fun. Fedora takes what looks like a naked smoke break and the sexy tough girl attitude is thick. She’s also grown in a full on bush for this shoot which is really rare to see, especially in alt, but a welcomed change, although it makes her funny little mustache tattoo more like a soul patch now.

Blue Blood: Sexy Punk Fedora
Blue Blood writes:

I’d like to introduce you all to the extremely fun Fedora. She and I shot this smoke break series in the garden of her hotel. There was a tipsy gentleman who really wanted to hang out with us and he told us that he was going to smoke a cigarette with us and there was nothing we could do about it. He did not end up getting to smoke a cig with us. Fedora and I are not so easy to tell there are things we can do nothing about. Fedora got to have her smoke in peace and the set turned out totally hot.
–Amelia G

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