PunkGrl: Charlie on the PunkGrl Horizon

PunkGrl Charlie Horizon‘s cool hairstyle seems to really fit my overall impression of her. She’s like a double scoop of ice cream, mixing the dark with the light, the spooky Goth with the playful emo, ribbons and skulls, pink and black, spell caster, ipod blaster.

PunkGrl: Charlie on the PunkGrl Horizon
PunkGrl writes:

Cute Northern babe Charlie Horizon makes her debut today at PunkGrl.com. 20yr old alt babe Charlie came to us all the way from Hartlepool to show off her tattoos and piercings as well as the rest of her gorgeous body of course. Only lucky PunkGrl members get to see all of this sexy set from debutante Charlie and it’s really not one to miss out on as she gets a bit too naughty with her skulls.

In case you missed it, at long last we’ve added a video section to the site. It’s only small at the moment with literally only a couple of PunkGrl movies but make sure you check it out as we’re adding movie videos of our sexy PunkGrls very soon…

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