PunkGrl: Scrapyard Babe Lucky Fortune

Fuck happy trailer park trouble maker Lucky Fortune looks like an adventure. The kind where you wake up a few days later with new scars, tattoos you can’t explain, a throbbing headache, and a certain deep sexual satisfaction. There is just something lustful and primal about this shot of Ms. Fortune bent over the dirty tires, her skimpy panties already down around her thighs, just waiting for you to give her everything she wants. That looks like nothing but a good time.

PunkGrl: Scrapyard Babe Lucky Fortune
PunkGrl writes:

We’ve had a couple of shoots at the scrapyard, you might remember sexy rock babe Wild Vixen from last year but this time it’s one of her best buddies Lucky Fortune who gets all greased up at the scrapyard. Sexy Lucky Fortune shows off her stunning tattoos and amazing figure out in public, we even had to hide in between the busted cars to get away from prying eyes!

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