BlueBlood: Classic Gothic Fetish Girls

This girl is the reason I first joined Blue Blood‘s GothicSluts site. She’s such a perfect example of beautiful sexy Gothic erotica, with her flawlessly spooky makeup and overall sense of style. I love her milky white skin and full womanly curvy shape. Getting to see fresh stuff of her, especially in a sexy heavy leather buckled corset really makes me happy, and now members get access to all their big sites, which wasn’t the case back when I originally joined their GothicSluts site.

Erotiskizm photographed by Forrest Black and Amelia G
SpookyBlog writes:

This pierced gothic chick looks excellent in a heavy buckled leather corset that stops just short of her magnificently perfect tits. The clear plastic dress and fishnet stockings ain’t bad, neither. Seeing those pale white breasts straining against their clear plastic prison is very erotic in this GothicSluts set.

Photography by Amelia G and Forrest Black

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