BurningAngel: Pinky! Pinky! Pinky!

Speaking of always enjoying more Pinky Lee, BurningAngel recently added some more hot stuff with her too! They have like twelve sexy sets with her, so there is plenty Pinky to enjoy. Joanna mentions some jumper outfit below, but I just wasn’t into it, so I used a picture from the most recent set that I really liked, just so you don’t think she’s gone crazy(er).

BurningAngel writes:

I have to remember to ask Pinky to borrow this cute little jumper-thingy…it’s SOOO cute! I’m jealous. Ok, so…it’s Friday, the sun is getting to my head, and I can’t think of anything else to say…except enjoy this Pinky set…and HAVE A GOOD HOLIDAY WEEKEND!

Joanna Angel

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