Blog Links Being Reviewed

We cut the list of blog links we had listed to about half. If yours got cut and you feel like it shouldn’t have, just let us know and maybe show us where you have a link to We like to keep the links here interesting for the readers, so we review them and try to keep them entertaining and up to date. One interesting pattern we noticed is that hipster pseudo nü-feminists with blogger/blogspot accounts that like to tell you they are the first ones to take their clothes off, strip, turn tricks, have kinky one night stands, etc. and then intellectualize about it the next day, week, month, year, and hopefully get a book deal out of it, are oddly consistent when it comes to forgetting to give link love to people who support them. A statistically large number of them have links pages that mysteriously 404. This probably means something ironically Freudian.

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