Blaise and JC Announce AltPornBucks

Recently APN got word that a new affiliate program called AltPornBucks had just launched, with a content focus specifically on the AltPorn niche. Primarily, it is the affiliate sales site for Blaise Christie’s new Alt identified We thought we’d take a few minutes with their Program Manager, JC, as well as adult filmmaker Blaise Christie, to find out what they are all about.


We couldn’t help but notice that on the front page of your site, you claim to be “the first real webmaster program that focuses 100% on the AltPorn niche.” Can you please define what you feel AltPorn is? What makes something AltPorn, from your viewpoint?

JC: I can only define for you what I perceive AltPorn to be at this moment because the truth is since the niche is still in its infancy the definition will evolve as the genre does. I think to box AltPorn into one solid definition would kill what AltPorn is…which is a form of art that defies boundaries and stereotypes. At its current stage, I feel AltPorn is defined as everything and anything mainstream bubblegum porn is not. Alt strays away from the conventional blonde hair, fake breasts, and airbrushed bodies of current porn stars and veers towards a more realistic view of the art of love. Some people perceive it to be defined by tattoos, gothic/emo attire, and “normal everyday” girls. I think society as a whole tends to want to define something, to place it into a clear-cut category up so they can make sense of it. This is exactly what AltPorn doesn’t want to become.

I believe AltPorn to be somewhat of a mix, but the main pieces to Alt that will not change is a tendency to use everyday girls and guys who define themselves with attitude and their own sense of style. They don’t need to have piercings, dyed hair or tattoos. They just need to be non-conformist who march to their own beat. The truth is the only clear cut rule to determine if content is AltPorn, is to decipher whether it looks like mainstream porn i.e. something you’ve seen before that’s just been repackaged so to speak, if that’s the case, then it’s not alt, it’s not art.

I find directors in the AltPorn niche to be innovators who follow the starving artist approach and produce content for the love of art. Blaise Christie, director for ElectroFilms, describes it to be a fast paced environment where a community is coming together to create something larger then themselves. Blaise notes most of the talent he has shot is eager to shoot and many are just excited to be a part of the revolution that is AltPorn.

Your site mentions that Blaise has shot some of the hottest altporn talent in Southern California. Who would you say is hot in Alt right now?

JC: Some of the hottest AltPorn female talent in Southern California that Blaise has shot would include Dana DeArmond, Avy Lee Roth, and Veronica Jett. In terms of male talent I think Icarus would top the list.

In your claim to be the first to launch, you also mentioned that you beat out your future competitors, which you say are slated to launch later this year. What competitive affiliate programs are you referring to?

JC: Vivid Alt has been testing the market the past year and just celebrated their one year anniversary. I believe it is logical to assume Vivid is gearing up for a paysite and affiliate program to launch in the near future. Various talent has alluded to NaughtyAmerica developing an AltPorn site which was to be entitled NaughtyAlt. However, their MySpace profile leads us to believe NaughtyFlipSide will be the new name.

It seems like you are taking a fairly competitive stance. What programs would you say are partially, or not 100%, in the AltPorn niche?

JC: With the niche growing in all directions so rapidly one cannot say which programs are Alt and which are not. What we can say is that our program will NOT be a mixture of mainstream and AltPorn. Being the first to launch, AltPornBucks has been an innovator in this niche and we are looking to remain that way with both our affiliate program and our paysites such as We want to continue to produce original content that is not only unlike mainstream porn, but unlike our own past work as well. The future of our program will be not only be based on our ability to challenge other content providers in the AltPorn niche, but to challenge ourselves by consistently delivering fresh new original content.

Many, if not most, of the sites in the genre have affiliate promotion options in place already. Established programs like Blue Blood’s SpookyCash has been around for years and features quite a few sites, all of which could be easily classified in the Alt genre. Can you explain your perspective on what qualifies you as the first to focus 100% on the niche?

Blaise Christie: AltpornBucks just claims to b the first affiliate program to officially call itself “altporn” since the word was made mainstream by vivid. maybe theres other ones, idk, and i dont care. its more a marketing gimmick for affiliates. idk if my contents altporn, it just seemed like da best category to throw it under. wala!

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  1. cheetahshine

    nice interview. i interviewed blaise for my zine last year. he seems to have stirred some things up since he started directing. even though i don’t think the sex scenes are always that different from what i see in mainstream porn, i definetly like the way he shoots his movies. the set direction and all that always looks good.

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