Nerdpr0n: valentine’s day

I’m not sure how ‘nerdy‘ it is, but this stockings shot is really hot. I can’t imagine how long it would take to catalog my library. It’s not just that I’m not that OCD, but it would simply take forever. If I only had Anna’s 622 titles, I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad. I kinda think including graphic novels is kind of cheating though. But, I suppose if the goal is really to share interests and get to know what Anna really reads, there is some value in a list like that. Anna, you should try Beneath the Wheel. It’s one of the ones from Hermann Hesse that it appears you don’t have in your collection yet. I think you’d enjoy it, or find it enlightening anyway.


Nerdpr0n writes:

Here’s an early v-day present…me in a hot new outfit with my philosophy book collection! I decided to celebrate v-day this year by acknowledging my love of wisdom (love above all loves!), so here I am swimming in words. If you’re curious if I have a particular philosophical title, I have a full catalog of my library here exported into html format. That’s almost everything, minus whatever I’ve gotten in the last week and the occasional book that lives in the bedroom or downstairs that I haven’t had a chance to scan (mostly a lot of gaming books and some of the newer stuff).

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