Featured Photographer: Michael from FatalBeauty

Hello everyone in AltPorn world, I’m Michael from FatalBeauty and I have no idea what to write here that would interest you in the least. FatalBeauty launched on November 21st after our programmer pulled a 2 week string of all nighters. He promised he could have the site done in a month back in August, whoops.

I’ve been a photographer for a few years now, I work for a couple of small newspapers and do some commercial work. FB is a fun side project until I get back to grad school for photojournalism.

Who are some photographers you’ve found inspirational or influential?
As far as erotica goes, I really love Chaz Krider. Amazing stuff. Photo Journalism wise, Dorothy Lang and Annie Liebovitz are my inspiration. There are also a ton of new photographers and little known folks that are amazing and inspirational as well…you’ll have to find them for yourselves though.

What equipment do you typically use?
I shoot on Canon bodies and lenses, and I mostly use the SUN for light. When I don’t, I use Speedo strobes.

What are some of your favorite publications/web sites?
Publications: Aperture, Nylon, Cheap Date, Purple, Baby and the NYT

Sites: Styleboost.com, http://www.aphotoaday.org/

Where has your work been featured?
I’ve had images published in a number of newspapers, small magazines and
websites including:

  • The Seattle Weekly
  • Rolling Stone
  • The SF Spectator

Contact info

Fatalmichael on aim


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  1. Solstyce Calé

    I’ve always thought that Michael has great use of lighting – gotta love that natural low key light! Can’t help but appreciate such concept, composition and quality work. His style is classic and timeless with impeccable execution.