is a combo blog/portal covering the amorphous genre known as "altporn", "", "alternaporn", or "subculture erotica", and everything related. This site was created in late 2003 to develop a useful, centralized source for fans of the altporn scene, and for those participating in it creatively.

Altporn is perhaps an unfortunate moniker, because we try to include a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily pornographic. Generally there is at least an element of eroticism present, but nudity or graphic sexuality are not requirements for inclusion.


Please read this warning before continuing on to the main page of Altporn. You are getting this page because you are arriving at this site from a site which may contain little or no nudity. This is pretty much an R-rated site at most, but we feel strongly that no one should see anything they do not wish to. Although you will not see very explicit material on this site, you will find conservative nudes and regular toplessness and frank discussion of sexual topics, including alternative lifestyles. This site also provides links to sites with more explicit material and judgement should be used when surfing. Please urge other bloggers to offer a warning page, like this one, as well, because the internet should be all about choice.


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