I am "the DRAGON ~aka~ sithveirDRAGCOS" - Vampyre { & Singer, Actor, Artist, Writer,& More).
Get's me Hot
About Me
My Name is "theDRAGON-sithveirDRAGCOS",..

My Profesional billing is;....
~ "Singer", "Actor", "Dancer", "Writer",
"Artist-Cartoonist-Illustrator", "artists' Model".

I live in the General LOS ANGELES, Ca. AREA...
& am involved in MUSIC, THEATER, STAGE, FILM,
ART-Cartooning/Illustration, MODELING, PRODUCTION and More
and have done *some Modeling in the past,..
:{ "NUDE", "NON-NUDE", "Charactor", "Contemporary", etc' ];,...

:[ Basic info ]:

Age:{46] *D.0.B:{ Nov-11,1966 ];
SEX:"Very MALE"!;
Hair:"Chestnut,med'-Brown" ~{*Very long-Straight,Below shoulders/to Mid-Back];....
EYEs:"BLUE-Grey/Green-Hazel" ~{with Mutepple changes).

My Email(s);...
[ ]
[ ]

Yahoo IM [ sithveirdragcos_thedragon_2010 ]
- and Also Find us on These other Internet Sites as well......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Cutter wrote at December 23, 2013
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The APN Awards 2014 nominations period is closing very soon! thumbup1

clover Be sure to put in a good word for your favorites and what you like the best.
Cutter wrote at November 29, 2012
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Check out our new interview with AltPorn Star Kleio! wub
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Cutter wrote at May 4, 2012
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We're happy to announce that we are taking
nominations for the 2012 AltPorn Awards - Best of 2011!

Be sure to turn in your nominations for your favorites! ions/
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clover Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody clover
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santa We wish each and every one a Merry Christmas, and to all a good night! santa
Cutter wrote at November 23, 2011
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For APN members with a taste for more Fetish oriented reviews and updates, I want to invite you to preview our newest sister site project

You are invited to sign up for the beta release and check it out, make a profile, upload pics, etc.
Cutter wrote at October 31, 2011
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euro sorcerer alucard devil Wishing all of you a very Happy Halloween!cowboy arabia batman detective
Cutter wrote at May 27, 2011
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Truant wrote at April 20, 2011
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Get your APN AltPorn Awards nomination suggestions in:
Your input counts. Deadline April 30th.
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euro Happy New Year! gunsmilie
Cutter wrote at October 28, 2010
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Happy Halloween!

We'd love to see your scary sexy costumes, so be sure to at least take a quick snapshot this weekend and post them here.