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GodsGirls Sexy Seraphim

GodsGirls: Sexy Seraphim and the Mystery Ladder

Seraphim looks amazing in this fun GodsGirls throwback update, and has in my opinion one of the best bodies I have seen in a long time. She has curves in all the right places and that sweet ass is one that I could dream about. It doesn’t hurt that she knows how to pose and work her amazing body. The fact that I have a little bit of a sock and shoe fetish only makes this GodsGirls set that much ... read more

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GodsGirls Seraphim the Redhead Ring Master

GodsGirls: Seraphim the Ring Master

Seraphim says that she became a GodsGirl for friends, lovers, vanity, voyeurism, and exhibitionism. Whatever the reason, we’re all glad that she did. Seraphim always creates amazing sets, and her newest is no exception. Dressed in heels, ripped fishnets, long black gloves, a tutu, striped lingerie, and with a tiny top hat atop her bright pink hair, she’s like a strange vision from another world. Maybe Wonderland?

Seraphim brings with her fun expressions, bright smiles, and great posing. This set ... read more

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