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Review: Hospital (2008)

Hospital (2008) is the latest film from Benny Profane who self-produced the gonzo-gothic series Psychocandy. I was interested to see what Benny Profane would do using a different, art-porn style like he has with Hospital.

The film stars Mandy Morbid and her real life partner Zak Sabbath. Mandy started off as a Suicide Girl under the alias Adria and transitioned into porn with her first non-sex role as a chorus girl in Bullets & Burlesque (2007), also directed by ... read more

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Silverlake Film Fest Shows AltPorn

The hollywood hipster Silverlake Film Festival is hosting an AltPorn video screening, featuring a bunch of the Vivid-Alt directors on May 5th. People like Vena Virago, Octavio Winkytiki, Eon Mckai, and others are said to be likely attendees. Also showing are some videos from directors like Ron Royster, Benny Profane, Joe Gallant, and more. Watching porn in theaters is uncomfortable, but it sounds like it could be interesting.

Silverlake Film Festival writes:

**Strictly over 18- ID’s will be checked**

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