ShapeOfBeauty: April Flores Gallery crush April Flores looks fantastic in her brand new scene featuring Seth Gamble for AdultTime‘s new project, the Shape of Beauty. We always love her smiling face and that body is just so hot too, especially when it’s covered in slippery massage oil. Fun Fact: April’s Celebrity Series BBW Cyberskin Pussy Stroker won Best Sex Toy in our 2012 AltPorn Awards! Here is a sexy sample gallery from this sexy scene:

April Flores is standing in a fluffy, white robe as she playfully peeks through the doors of her private massage room. She’s ready to treat herself to a relaxing day at the spa and just needs her masseur’s sensual hands…

Seth Gamble, her masseur for the day, soon shows up with a knowing grin. He can’t keep his eyes off April’s gorgeous body as he moves in behind her to help her disrobe. He wraps his arms around her, gliding his hands over her belly as he undoes the robe and lifts it away from her body. As soon as she’s naked before him, she exudes nothing but raw confidence and sexuality.

April casts Seth sultry glances as she makes herself comfortable on the massage table. As soon as she does, Seth breaks out the massage oils and gets to work. He makes sure to sensually rub oil over every inch of her full-figured body. He intimately worships every sexy curve — from her round ass to her voluptuous breasts. Each caress and squeeze makes April hotter, the erotic tension between them becoming unbearable. Finally, when Seth’s strong hands massage near her pussy, April is more than ready for her happy ending.

When Seth abandons his own clothes, April eagerly sucks his cock, thrilled about what’s to come. Once Seth is prepared, she spreads her legs wide to invite him inside. Although feeling his hands on her pussy was nice, having his cock massage her from the inside is exactly what she needs!

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