Teachers Pet for ImHotForTeachers

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a show quite like this one which has been brought to us from Imhotforteachers. A super sexy married couple who are both as physically fit as your average athlete, with muscles bulging in all directions,and bodies toned like gods.

Today’s lesson was in sex education. With 2 pupils attending for bad behaviour they both need to be shown exactly what the birds and the bees are all about. So we have a super hot naked teacher and 2 very naughty naked students. Both girls required a good spanking, which they dished out on each other. One of the girls failed to complete her homework so was punished ( maybe rewarded?) with having to take a large anal butt plug. She is moaning like she is in heaven, so I think it’s safe to say she is enjoying her punishment.

Now things really are starting to spice up. An unexpected double ended dildo fuck. Mr Woodcock changed the webcam to POV and we get the joys of watching him insert the dildo into both girls – which in itself was such a turn on. The girls are going at it too and fucking the toy like there is no tomorrow.

These guys really do not disappoint. Have you been naughty today? If so then head over to Imhotforteachers for some discipline.

Imhotforteachers writes:

We are an extremely fit, married couple with a great sex life and we want to share it with you!

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