EvilAngel: Leigh Raven’s masks

Society forces us to wear masks. Everyone, no matter how conformist and square he or she may appear, is hiding inside another person. But the effort is so much stronger when you deviate so much from society’s mean: a feeling whoever follows an Alternative lifestyle is bound to have experienced sooner or later.

In this movie from director John Stagliano brings us beautiful Leigh Raven as a juvenile graphic artist aiming to shine in her new job. In doing so, she strives to look as a plain professional, hiding her actual nature to her employer (Ramon Nomar). But the effort to hide her true self tears Leigh Raven apart, bringing her sleepless nights and nightmares, until a difficult customer (Markus Dupree) brings her over the breaking threshold and opens the Pandora’s Box of her sexuality.

It’s hard not to suggest the viewing of anything featuring Leigh Raven. She doesn’t just have a beautiful, sexy and provocative body. She is not just capable of bringing out tsunamis of lustful thought. She is also a good and convincing actress. Which, alone, makes all the difference in the world.

Evil Angel writes:

‘Leigh Raven Prove Something’ is director John Stagliano’s dramatic, intense story of an exotic fetish adventurer compelled to hide her true beauty.

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