Burning Angel: Riley Nixon And Joanna Angel Make One Hot Pair

Two girls are always better than one, especially when the two girls are Riley Nixon and Joanna Angel. These two look like an angel and a devil when paired up, but on closer inspection it is actually pretty hard to tell which one is which. Sure, Riley looks innocent all dressed in pink lingerie when contrasted with Joanna’s dark aesthetic, but she has a lusty look in her eyes that is just simply devilish. They are honestly such a magnificent combo, and your imagination is going to be running wild with all the hot things you know they could do together. That is kinda the point of a shoot like this though, to give you an introduction two the image of these hot girls together and get you thinking about them acting on the lust burning in their eyes for each other.

Just look at the way they make eye contact as Riley wraps her arms around Joanna‘s thigh, you can just feel the tension between them. You also get the best of both worlds with their bodies, with Riley‘s leggy sensual curves and Joanna‘s petite tight physique both on display to tempt you with, it is like a feast for all of the senses!

Riley Nixon And Joanna Angel Make One Hot Pair