Miss_Mao Plays With Ice On Her Hard Nipples

Miss_Mao’s sexy dance stopped for a moment, and she went to get something that would assist her on her next mouthwatering tease: an ice cube. Once she got it, she came back and stood up real close to your face, lifting her bra to unveil the beauty and eagerness of her tits.

The ice cube started to slide on Miss_Mao’s skin, guided softly by her hand, and you could see how her nipples got hard from the coldness of the cube that was being moved smoothly all over her titties, making her adopt a sweet expression of pleasure and moan very lightly when the ice made direct contact with her nipples, and as the ice continued smoothing along her skin, it started melting, eventually disappearing from the warmth of her skin in this cool and captivating tease.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Just a Space Princess trying to make your day a lil more maogical

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