BareMaidens: Enjoy Riley Nixon’s heavenly oasis

BareMaidens has me hooked. The geeky nerd in me can’t seem to take a break from all their fantastic content, and I thought I should share this one with you, because…well, it is absolute perfection, and I found myself gasping for air, in awe at the beauty of Riley Nixon.

She is portraying a character called Lumi, and the photo set is called Lonely Oasis. Now, I must begin describing this by mentioning how perfection wouldn’t even cut it close to describe this babe’s beautiful, mesmerizing face.

Riley Nixon is wearing a transparent white outfit, she’s licking swords and crawling all over while maintaining an eye contact that is bound to make you fall in love. I know I did!

BareMaidens writes:

Bare Maidens Riley Nixon

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