GodsGirls: White Pink Pichi

Not every set and photo shoot tells a story, sometimes it’s just fine when you present the beauty of the talent in front of a canvas, just to emphasize her (or his) qualities. This minimalist set with Pichi does this famously, by placing her nice sexy figure against a neutral background to bring out her rosy skin and purplish hair.

I truly love the lines of her body, she would be a perfect model for a charcoal drawing. The ‘sharp’ cut of her nose, for instance, the way her hips arch at an angle or the way her knees form a small dimple: little details that may be overlooked but actually enhance an overall impact of a natural “next-door” beauty. The more I watch her, the more I like her.

GodsGirls writes:

Oh hello!
Im a silly, glitter loving person who spends way too much time on trains.

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