DawnAvril: do you spit or swallow?

Isn’t that the question we all have at the tip of our tongue on a first date? Well I definitely do, but take it from me: do not ask it. Some people get put off by it. Why? No idea. Gotta test out the waters a bit first 😉

DawnAvril isn’t as reserved as most girls, however. As a response to the interviewer’s question she just smirks. What do you think she means by that? I’m not giving it all away but I’ll tell you this much: the video is pretty much gonna reinvent the meaning of a proper blowjob. Yes, our edgy lady is ver very good with her mouth.

The set plays out as sort of a porno couch audition with DawnAril playfully proving just how far she can spread her legs. Looking so cute and fuckable at the same time in her pink cropped top and platform boots you can’t blame the “interviewer” for getting so excited. Especially when she lets him now on a little secret: she likes to be taken rough and smothered. Interested in how it all plays out? You’ll just ahve to see for yourself.

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