DawnAvril: Hot and Wet Dawn and Emily

This set has lots of fun about it, because you can see both Dawn Avril and Emily sitting on top of a sink, wearing very little clothing.

During the set, you can see how they pose together, taking advantage of the fact that they are only wearing tight t-shirts, stockings and panties to give you lots of hot close ups, while they start to get naughty with some water.

Here’s where things get even more interesting, because the water makes them show their nipples through their wet t-shirts, and it also adds for some lovely views that let you witness how the water caresses their pussies, all while they keep playing around, laughing and smiling throughout, giving you lots of great things to look at so you can have a great time yourself.

DawnAvril writes:

Hi!! Welcome to my dungeon! You’re entering the world of a hot rocker chick that likes to play around 🙂

DawnAvril: Hot and Wet Dawn and Emily

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