TheAriDee: An Intimate Morning With A Goddess

It’s a new day. The morning light wakes you up and you open your eyes. Immediately, you gaze upon the gorgeous AriDee lying next to you. She is looking at you directly with loving eyes that have a lustful spark about them.

You notice she is only wearing lingerie while the covers caress her soft skin, and she asks you to sit up. You obey, excited, and watch as she gives you the best morning of your life: her beautiful lips pout and form a kiss she blows to you, and her hands reach for her top and roll it up, unveiling her supple breasts caressed by sunlight.

You keep watching, and AriDee keeps on teasing, this is an intimate moment, a sublime experience that makes you beg the heavens that all mornings go like this from now on, and as you continue to admire her tits, you see her sliding her panties off just enough to show her pussy. It looks beautiful, and you wish you could lean in to take a closer look at it, and she continues to tease you with her sunlight-kissed body, leaning forward and staring at you, taking selfie after selfie so you can enjoy them all later.


Enjoy this iPhone set of me stripping out of my tight, blue loungewear down to my birthday suit! Perky boobs and pouty looks galore!

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