Welcome Doom’s Whiskey as Gold Sponsor of 2018 AltPorn Awards

We are so excited to have Doom’s Whiskey as Gold Sponsor of the AltPorn.Net 2018 Altporn Awards, presented by MyFreeCams. The AltPorn Awards are taking place live in Los Angeles on May 26, 2018, open to the public at 1652 N Cherokee Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028 at 10pm with VIP only red carpet at 8:30pm. VIP attendees will enjoy an open bar at the event.

A brand new option at Bar Sinister, launching during our open bar, is Doom’s Whiskey. They say this 100 proof smooth whiskey is aged in American white oak and tastes like caramel, bourbon spice, vanilla, apple, toffee, spice, and evil. Doom’s is the brainchild of AltPorn Award-winning director and performer Joanna Angel and Altporn Award-winning male performer of the year Small Hands. AltPorn.Net was lucky enough to get a preview bottle of this whiskey a while ago and enjoyed it a lot.

AltPorn.Net has been doing press coverage on the best in alternative erotica, alt.porn, counterculture, subculture, punk, goth, emo, tattooed, and just creatively offbeat sexy cool smut since 2003. We started giving the AltPorn Awards to honor excellence in alt work produced in 2010.

Please use the AltPorn.Net contact form if you’d like to attend the event. Nominees, sponsors, press, industry, and MyFreeCams cam girls are eligible for VIP guest list. The beautiful eight thousand square foot venue has a full stage ballroom with a gothic fountain, a dance floor, a fetish playroom, and a long entryway for red carpet arrivals. Presenting, Platinum, and Gold sponsorships are sold out, but there are a small number of Silver sponsorships space in our VIP swag bags, which are widely regarded as the best of any adult awards show.

Joanna Angel Dooms Whiskey

Joanna Angel Dooms Whiskey

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