Staggstreet: Nicole’s stairway to pleasure

One of Staggstreet‘s great photo sets is with the lovely Nicole one the stairs, and as mentioned in the description it has a sort of classic feeling to it, that and a whole lot of sexy!

Nicole is a gorgeous tattooed babe, and in this particular set she’s wearing a very arousing lingerie, black and pink to match her pretty hair, and she poses in the most arousing way possible, crawling all over the place, with a lustful and defying look, and let’s just say that after seeing this photo set, there will be more wood involved than just the stairs in it.

Check out Nicole‘s amazig pictures now, if you want to see more!

StaggStreet writes:

I loved shooting with Nicole, she is one sexy lady but also super funny and fun. And this set is so classic in my book.

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