Merlot is the best you can see in the morning

A brunette like this is the kind of girl you imagine having at your disposal at your house and ready to have fun any time. Merlot woke up early this morning, wearing just a translucent black pajama and a black panty. Her big dark nipples can be seen through her pajama. She starts the day by taking off her pajamas to do some stretching. That way she can feel free when she goes to the balcony to feel the sun on her skin. While she’s stretching, she puts her ass against the glass; if you pay attention, you can see the fleshy pussy between her legs, as if she were inviting you to be inside of her. When she gets enough of the sun, she just starts walking around the house and sits down on the balcony that is upstairs. I can’t deny it; Merlot is a precious example of a woman, the one you always like to see stretching when you wake up.

GodsGirls writes:

currently buffering… life just got a bit complicated, i’ll get back to you when i’ve figured out just quite “what” about me.

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