BurningAngel: Nikki Hearts, Steve Holmes, and Roman Nomar And A Little DP

Nikki Hearts, Steve Holmes, and Ramon Nomar all look killer sexy in suits and I’ve gotta admit, I almost don’t want to see the three of em’ take those suits off. But I mean, really, can we please just take a few seconds to admire how sexy Nikki Hearts looks in a suit? Like, it’s breathtaking and if I could get a boner, I’m sure this girl would give me one.

And that’s before the clothes are off. Once the clothes come off, the fun really starts. with Steve Holmes and Roman Nomar warm this lovely lady up to a little DP with blow jobs and belts, which seems to be enough to get Nikki ready to take them both.

Burning Angel writes:

It’s Nikki Hearts’ first DOUBLE ANAL experience, with Steve Holmes and Ramon Nomar! All wearing the fuck out of suits, Nikki gets on her knees and gets to down to business with their dicks, jerking, slobbering, and sucking until they’re ready to explore her slippery pussy and tight ass. A little spanking from Papa Steve’s belt just turned her on more! They switch between fucking all her holes before lifting her up for double-penetration. The gentlemen work towards Nikki’s pleasure like the United Nations of Fucking and slide their big cocks into her lesbian butthole, pumping and stretching her to new limits!

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