GodsGirls: Vex, Blath, and Liesl Are Stunning In Low Light

These three GodsGirls are clad in nothing but white leather straps, leaving nothing to the imagination, which is exactly how I like it. Vex, Blath and Liesl combine in this breathtaking set as a trio of sex appeal, lying over each other and staying very close, perhaps for warmth, in their dimly lit setting.

I’m reminded of sexy alien invaders by Vex and her friends, who have sent these pictures to our planet to lull us into a false sense of sexual security. Soon enough, they will have us all wearing bits of white leather as their slaves of fantasy.

Based on the way it makes me feel as I watch Vex, Blath and Liesl pull at the leather “outfits”, grab each other and fondle in all of the right places, I know that this trifecta of beauties would render me unfit to control my own urges. The sexual takeover will be in full effect, and we will be powerless to stop them.

GodsGirls writes:

small, monochrome, always a mess. I talk too much.
I want to be the opposite of apathetic.

godless, morbid, endlessly cheerful forever and forever.

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