CosplayErotica: Tae Takemi’s got a hot prescription for you!

There’s quite a wide variety of Persona 5 cosplays on CosplayErotica, each one hotter than the other, and one of my favorites of all time is Mea Lee‘s cosplay of Tae Takemi, which is one of the coolest characters.

Mea Lee has the costumes nailed down to the tiniest details, and she portrays very well the character of the elusive doctor, but even if you’re not into cosplay, you’ll still find this photo set hot as hell, I mean..a hot girl in a doctor costume, that is beyond arousing.

Mea Lee is wearing a skin-tight black dress, high heels and of course, her white robe, and when she’s all alone, she starts spreading those sexy legs, playing with that hot pussy. This prescription also includes a hot video!

CosplayErotica writes:

Tae Takemi is the owner of Takemi Medical Clinic in Yongen-Jaya in Persona 5. She believes in her own theory of pharmaceutics and sells barely legal prescriptions to her patients secretly

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