TheAriDee: Fantastic Ways To Work Up A Sweat

AriDee wants you to watch her workout, and while you are there with her, ready to see how she gets started, she shows you her warmup, which is something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

This unorthodox method seems to also help your own temperature rise, since, with every move she makes, however subtle, you feel yourself sweating from the erotic nature of what you are watching, as AriDee starts to slowly tease you, letting you see how she peels off her yoga pants to have a better range of motion.

After this, AriDee checks you out to see if you’ve had a good warmup with her and have worked up a sweat for her, which you have, because nobody can resist such an erotic display, and are now ready to watch her engaging on a different kind of physical activity.


Warming up in.. and out of, my tight yoga pants & sports bra. This might just warm you up and get you in the mood for some exercise too.. at least for your wrist 😛

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