BurningAngel: My Killer Girlfriend – Part III

The plot thickens in BurningAngel‘s “My Killer Girlfriend”, when Nikki Hearts and Will Havoc visit the new couple, and while no one has yet to discover Carmen‘s dark side, Nikki Hearts is not
pleased with this relationship, and decides she should fuck her bandmate.

Will Havoc gets his dick sucked by Nikki Hearts, so he complies with her revenge against Joanna , and he starts pounding her pussy, eating it up, then fucking it some more, and she enjoys every fucking second of it, taking lead and getting on top as well to fuck the hell out of him.

You’ll have to check the video as well to know how this ends, but spoiler alert: also bloody!

BurningAngel writes:

Nothing annoys Nikki Hearts more than fake lesbians, so she’s a little less than pleased her bestie suddenly decided to be into women. If that’s really the case, then FINE – she was determined to be a faux straight person and fuck her bandmate Will Havoc! Who is Will to argue with a lesbian on a dick-sucking, pussy-stuffing mission? Sometimes you gotta change things around and rage up in your friends’ tight little twats! If only they weren’t slashed to death by a psycho killer post-coitus, I’d have liked to see a metal cover of Stayin’ Alive. Bummer.

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