TheAriDee: An Homage Of Lust And Love

Revealing her nakedness little by little while the song “Loving The Alien” pays in the background, AriDee comes with a video and photoset combo where she is having some naughty fun in a masturbation session with a dreamlike feel that is reminiscent of 80’s montages, only instead of training sessions or dancing, you get to watch the gorgeous AriDee playing with a toy inside her wet pussy.

AriDee continues this sexy David Bowie homage by lying right next to a turntable and some candles with her tits and pussy now on display full-time, and her sporting a relaxed look on her face, which speaks to the satisfactory self-pleasure time she just enjoyed. Her hand keeps on teasing her pussy a bit, now in a more loving fashion that seems to bask in the calm tenderness of the sweet aftermath.


It’s Bowie’s birthday! May he reign in peace! I decide to relax and listen to Bowie on vinyl.. and relax some more by giving myself some lovely orgasms. Watch me tease & please myself (and you) in tribute!

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