CrazyBabe: Step into AnnaMonoxide’s alternative Wonderland

You know a photo shoot is great when the model and the photographer create a unique, beautiful work of art, such as Anna Monoxide‘s wonderful photo set.

Just look at it! I’m in awe, it’s so original, so crazy, so exciting, it really does look like an alternative Wonderland, and Anna Monoxide is so fucking gorgeous you could swear she’s a doll.

She has this colorful dress on, looking like a doll, or a ballerina, and as she plays around with huge candy and colorful plushies, she slowly undresses to reveal that smoking hot tattooed body and trust me, you’ll have to see the whole photo set to understand just what I am talking about, the pictures will take you on a sexy, weird trip, as if you’re walking into a story, where the main character is a dark, beautiful doll!

CrazyBabe writes:

CrazyBabe-Anna Monoxide

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