TheAriDee: TheAriDee gets her (F)Rick on!

I have to start this post with a warning: After you check out this cosplay, you might just get a boner every time you watch Rick and Morty!

That is right, TheAriDee is cosplaying Rick in this photo shoot, and it is so good it will be stuck in your head. She is wearing the Rick costume, knee-high socks with his face on them and a hat that says “Time to get swiftly”. The wig and the makeup complete the look, and even when she undresses to show off those perfect perky boobs and rosy pussy, she keeps the lab coat on, and that is what I call devotion to a character.

Check out TheAriDee‘s Rick now!

TheAriDee writes:

I’M SEXY RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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