BurningAngel: My Killer Girlfriend Part I

You gotta love BurningAngel for their uniquely creative stories and ways they deliver their fucking hot porn.

One of their latest creations, that kills with creativity and will be raising boners and wetting pussies all around, is their exquisite porn “My killer girlfriend” and it has a total of four parts, so get ready for some fucking hot action, with a great storyline. But without further spoiling, let’s get into the first part of this BurningAngel masterpiece!

The gullible Joana Angel decides to give into her passion for her internet girlfriend Carmen Caliente, and even if her lover’s story doesn’t quite check out, she can’t help but give in to her lust and get to passionate, hot sex with the hot, misterious blond.

I’ll let you get into the details of this passionate encounter, I’ll just say, it’s hot, it’s wet, and it’s loud!

BurningAngel writes:

After a hot and heavy year long e-relationship, internet girlfriends Joanna Angel and Carmen Caliente finally decided to meet IRL! Joanna was overcome with her love for Carmen, and didn’t care when Carmen’s story didn’t exactly add up.. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other for long and launched into a lesbian sex-fest full of titty sucking, finger banging, pussy and ass licking fun! After their first time together, Joanna confessed nobody believed her gf existed, and that she was determined to prove them wrong – so she invited her friends over to get to know Carmen! For some reason, she didn’t seem thrilled…

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