TheAriDee: AriDee goes Rogue!

TheAriDee is one of the best alt models, and she has this unique pinup style to her. She also does a wide variety of photo shoots and videos, and cosplay as well.

In this photo set, TheAriDee is cosplaying one of the best Marvel characters ever, Rogue, and she looks stunning.

TheAriDee portrays a Rogue that got a special formula that allows her to give a very sensual and passionate blowjob. She does an exquisite eye contact with the camera while licking and sucking.

If you want to see a very sexy Rogue cosplay, then TheAriDee‘s the one to check out, she’s gorgeous as hell, and this Rogue is naughty as well!

TheAriDee writes:

Professor X has developed a special, non water soluble formula for Rogue that will coat the skin, allowing her to shake hands and perform other “normal” physical interactions without her powers killing people, for the sake of mutant/ human relations. But once Rogue is given the formula, she decides to test it on her mouth instead.. so she can finally taste Gambit and feel his huge member in her mouth!!

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