ViciousFeline Slides A Toy Deep Inside Her Throat

The night, once cold, gets cozy and warm with ViciousFeline, a gorgeous lady who has decided to tempt you with her tight top and panties, which she shows you in depth with some sweet booty bounces, keeping her hips swaying sensually while her ass jiggles just inches away from your face.

ViciousFeline stops the booty bounces once she is sure you are attentive and ready for more to introduce a dildo to the show, a happy toy that gets to feel the inside of her mouth as she wets it and licks it to get it ready for a terrific deepthroat.

“It’s making my eyes water,” ViciousFeline says while she sucks her toy like a champ, even pulling it out of her mouth to create that delicious “pop” sound when she yanks the dildo out.

This marks the first of the many scrumptious teases she wants to show you, and as the show continues, the lust and fun she is treating you to increases on this excellent night.

Sexy Cam Girl writes:

Im a firecracker with a soft spot for perving out 😛 lets play!

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