BurningAngel: Charlotte Likes It Rough

Some girls like soft, sweet, romantic sex. Not this little lady. Charlotte Sartre likes it rough. She likes it hard, and to be choked, and with toys. And she’s open to just about anything.

Charlotte looks adorable in her dress and pigtails that are perfect for pulling on, but adorable quickly turns to dirty, sexy, fun with a bit gag and a pinwheel. Oh and some biting, probing, and choking. One thing is for sure, Mr. Pete is a lucky, lucky man to be able to have fun with this lady- and I’m pretty sure we’re all a little jealous. Or is that just me?

Burning Angel writes:

Newbie Charlotte Sartre wanted you, and Mr. Pete, to know that her limits are few and far between, and enjoys extreme sex! She even has a medical fetish and explains she likes the touch of cold metal on her skin as she uses my pinwheel toy. I don’t know what’s gotten into these young women (perhaps copious amounts of cock), but it seems like roleplaying dirty little pigtailed sluts begging for jizz in the eyes after rough play – being smacked, bit-gagged, anally gaped, penetrated with a giant dildo, choked, and fucked as hard as possible – is what is making their tight little pussies wet!

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